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      Province well-known
      Zhejiang Brand Zhejiang SME
      Technology Center
      In recent years, the company received major honors:
      Jan. 2007, our technical center was approved as "Enterprise technology center of Hangzhou city".
      Jan. 2009, our company was approved as "Hangzhou high-tech enterprises".
      Jan. 2011, our company was approved as "Hangzhou industrial enterprise management innovation demonstration enterprises".
      Feb. 2011, our company was approved as "Top-100 import & export enterprise of Hangzhou city in 2010".
      Jan. 2012, " STAR-UP" brand was approved as "famous trademark of Zhejiang province".
      March 2012, our technical center was approved as "Small and medium-sized enterprise technology center of Zhejiang province".
      Nov. 2012, " STAR-UP" branded organic pigment was approved as "famous brand product of Zhejiang province".
      Jan. 2013, our "STAR-UP" trade name was approved as "famous trade name of Zhejiang province".